office grundfos weesp, the netherlands

building costs:
year of design:
year of delivery :
grundfos nederland bv
2000 m2 bvo
4.500.000,- excl. vat
pampuslaan, weesp, the netherlands

The building is an office for the dutch headquarter of (danish) multinational 'grundfos', covering 2000 m2. It will be placed on the same spot as the current office, which will be demolished. The commission also covered the logistical implications of this mayor transformation, not disturbing the current assembly line. The design clearly distances itself from nowadays 'highway office building architecture', also expressing the quality that 'grundfos' stands for. The honest use of materials is premium, combined with an attempt for timeless architecture. The concrete elements of which the facade is made of define a big contrast in the buildings appearance and provide shade. The ground floor is transparent and aside from showing the bearing structure of the upper floors, also lifts them to the point of aesthetic element. The rest of the floor plans are 'open' office schemes with workgroups, providing flexibility and a light work environment.