70F design concept kitchen

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Carina Nilsson
70F design
different per situation

The 70F design concept kitchen is a utilitarian kitchen developed to create a consequent solution for any situation, from kitchens in easy spacey new built villa's to kitchens in complex small places in old houses. Mostly a combination of a closet wall and isle, it is set out to have an undoubted place for everything. This makes it possible to combine for instance living room and kitchen without the kitchen becoming a disturbing factor. Instead, this kitchen becomes part of the room, with the isle as a piece of furniture.

The 70F design concept kitchen is built from black MDF covered with Teak veneer, but any kind of wood is available. The worktops are made by Durat in Finland, but can also be made from brushed stainless steel. We use appliances from gaggenau and/or electrolux and vola combined with 70F design knobs and spout. The pictures show two different situations where the kitchen was installed.