la Quiete holiday homes aquilonia (AV), Italiy

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Donato lannece
1230 m2 bruto
Strada Comunale Fontana Nangi, aquilonia (AV)

We are in the process of designing and building this holiday home park with spa, main house and a sheep stable in Italy. About the concept:

The basis for all buildings can be found in the core of the project, the holiday home. The house is a wooden tube that lies on a concrete base. These elements are vertically connected by an element in stone from the Vesuvius volcano. The wooden box is 'open' at the back, overlooking the magnificent hills, flora and fauna of the "Bosco di Zampaglione", south of Aquilonia. The stone element contains the kitchen, the fireplace, the sinks and shower. The shower has a glass roof 5 meters up in the air. This gives one the feeling of showering in a cave.

The concrete plinth houses the basement for parking the car and bikes, and the necessary technology. The concrete will be moulded from planks with a coarse texture. Locally there will be decorative relieves in the concrete. The wooden facade is repeated as a wall covering in the interior. The wooden slats in three different heights are placed at random on the facade. The floors are covered with local stone, while the ceilings are plastered white. The transparent facade will be made from a aluminium frame system, that shows the fantastic views with minimal intrusion.

The concept, materials and detailing is repeated throughout the project. In the spa the roof is a little higher, and is made of a concrete "waffle slab" construction. This gives the space, apart from acoustic and structural advantages, a special spatial effect. In the "casa pedronale" the tube with is maximize, showing the available views to a maximum.

The sheep stable, which lies a bit further on the site, will accommodate approximately 80 sheep. The tube-like building will be clad in wood, with a curved steel structure. The asymmetrical cross section is homogeneous. The ends of the tube are cut off cold, where the corner detail becomes extremely important. This also applies to the corner detail of the tubes of the other buildings.

images by Estudio UCS