carl-F arne jacobsen doorhandles

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Arne Jacobsen
satin nickle or polished brass
list (pdf)

The AJ Handle was designed and developed in 1955-56 by Arne Jacobsen with Carl F. This exclusive lever handle was designed for the SAS Royal Hotel, which was inaugurated in 1961 in Copenhagen as a modern "concept-hotel", where Jacobsen's mark can be found on door handles, ashtrays, cutlery, tableware, chairs, tables, lamps, textiles and naturally, in the building itself. International attention on the quality of Jacobsen the Dane is especially focussed on four of the world's most famous chairs: the Ant and the Series Seven, of which over five million have been made and, of course, there are those sought-after armchairs, the Swan and the Egg which were originally designed for the SAS Royal Hotel just like the AJ Handle.
70F design became the sole distributor for this product in the Netherlands in the winter of 2003.