Villa Reimert

Commissioner: Family Reimert
Area: 790 m2 bruto
Building costs: € 450.000 excl. vat
Year of design: 2002
Year of delivery: 2004
Address: Overgooi, Almere, Nederland
The house is a 1-story building with a basement under most of the ground floor. The basements provides parking for three cars and an entresol workspace. The ground floor, 1 meter above the ground, is divided in four volumes. The volumes surround a big patio. Apart from living rooms, the house is divided into a doctor’s office and a guesthouse, both with separate entrances.

The building is clad in brown brickwork with pointing in the same colour, but most of the facades are made out of glass, providing spectacular views over the surroundings, which in time will be completely ‘green’. The brickwork walls have a fixed height, while the walls continue as garden walls onto the boundery of the lot. This gives the front facade a much-closed expression and a private feeling to the house, while the rest of the house is extremely transparent, so “outdoor space becomes indoor space” and vice versa. The roofs, sloping outward and upward from the patio, seem to be floating on the glass.