Temporary theatre

Commissioner: Theatre group Suburbia
Area: 300 m2 bruto
Building costs: € 25.000 excl. btw
Year of design: 2007
Year of delivery: 2007 (temporary building)
Address: De Kemphaan, Almere, Nederland
The theatre group suburbia was doing a piece by Yasmina Reza called ‘Art’. They asked our office to design a temporary theatre for the piece:

The first thing I got out of the play was the conflict that arises when different people attach different values to different things. This play is about someone who is fascinated by a painting, a fascination that his friends do not share, especially for the amount of money to be paid for it. In considering any art form, be it theatre, painting, fine arts or architecture, there are three key elements; the object, the subject, and the interaction between the two.
This theatre shows in relatively trivial terms that third and I think key element, the interaction. Seen from outside you see on the one hand the public (subject) and on the other hand, the player (object). What you (don’t) see between them, framed in the countryside, is the interaction.
Actually the building is nothing but a painting in which the interaction between audience and actors of the play is depicted, the same interaction that makes someone buy a white painting for a lot of money.