HOME 2.0

Commissioner: fam.Van Dantzig-Warrink/Warrink-De Groot
Area: 182 m2 / 172 m2 bruto
Building costs: €169.000,- / €162.000,-
Year of design: 2010
Year of delivery: 2013
Address: Stopperknoop, Almere
 Awards:  Nominatie World Architecture Festival 2014

HOME 2.0 
Family Homes built for individuals 

“Home” is one of the most telling imaginative concepts in architecture. ‘Home’ is a very specific sense. It’s different for everyone. HOME 2.0 includes two terraced houses to modern families with children and puts the concept of ‘home’ in time, place and society.

HOME 2.0 is based on two basic ideas. Firstly, home is the place where you can be (by) yourself. And secondly, a family is a composition of individuals. In short, everyone should have a place that is home to his or her needs. In the two HOME 2.0-corner houses therefore each floor has a different focus. On the ground floor ‘living’ is the central theme. Here are the living room and kitchen located. The first floor is the domain of the children. They have their own bathroom and plenty of storage space on the spacious landing. On the second floor, the parent-floor, are the master bedroom with workstations, an en-suite bathroom and a lounge area. Anyone can easily switch between ‘being together’ and ‘being by yourself’. Ideal for two-earner households with children.

There is more unconventional in this seemingly traditional home. In the front facade is a huge window that starts close to the bottom of the first floor and continues until almost the top of the second floor. Behind this window, there are no living quarters, but in fact the stairs. From the living room where it is always busy, the young family have little time staring outside and enjoying the nature and the high embankment in front of the house. The staircase – often used – however, offers twice fifteen steps of pure panoramic view. Rest. Recover. From their workplaces at the stairwell border on the second floor, the parents have a magnificent look on the Markerlake. This view with Amsterdam in sight, was made possible by a 10% exemption for the maximum building height in the local zoning-law.

HOME 2.0 is an ode to family life, but also provides space to retreat. It is a family home built for individuals and a property that uses its phenomenal views in a new (active!) way. This makes HOME 2.0 feel like ‘then’, while fully meeting the requirements of the family of ‘now’.