Boutique resort Le Ville di Trevinano

Earth-sheltered build

The boutique resort is located on the western- and eastern-slope of a hill, overlooking the stunning Tuscan region and the Monte Rufeno. It consists of ten buildings: a private villa, eight boutique resort villas and a reception building. All villas are located in this hill, underground. The reception building is the only exception as it is an above ground structure on the hill. The Cor-Ten steel encasement of the building blends perfectly with the environment.


Panoramic view

The modern villas each have a shallow volume allowing an unobstructed panoramic view. Due to the shallow volume there is no need to dig deep into the hill leaving plenty of room for natural light in the homes, even in the back. The interior has a clean design and an internal height difference makes for an even better panorama experience throughout the house.


Height differences

The private terraces with wading pools are all slightly lower than the villas themselves. As a result, the terraces enjoy maximum sunshine and the view from inside looks over the terraces to the spectacular Tuscan hills.


Local raw materials

The materials of the resort’s exterior is restrained and all raw materials, with the exception of the Cor-Ten steel, are locally obtained. The interiors are understated and full of warm tones, concrete and wood. The kitchens and cabinets are an integral part of the interior.


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