school and bungalows

building costs:
year of design:
year of delivery :
education department municipality almere
school 250 m2, bungalows 30/35 m2
2.000.000,- excl. vat
2005 (planned)
kemphaanpad, almere, the netherlands

The project is situated in one of almere's young forests. The main building is a practice school for children with a learning disorder. The students, under teacher's supervision, will keep the surrounding bungalows. The school and the two kinds of bungalows are composed out of the same elements. The whole project will be built in wood. Not only is there distinction in form; the texture of the facade also distinct different functions. The 'living' spaces are recognisable by a facade clad in vertical alternating open woodwork and the utilities (storage, kitchen, bathrooms in the school and the bedrooms in the bungalows) facade will be clad in plywood.