Flaminogo visiting center

The concept of the building is two ramps with a a single starting point and evolving into a floor and a roof, which shape the overall building. Under the floor slabs there is a sun shaded world for cars, pedestrians and small wildlife created to enhance the swampy garden. On top of it, the permanently accessible rooftop opens the scenic view overlook­ing Al Wathba wetland reserve. The mostly shadowed space below the building is designed as a tranquil garden where visitors can linger to enjoy the shade and the views.

The front part of the garden is used to park your car in the shade, get dropped off by a taxi using the one-way road on site or start walking up the ramp to the building. As you start to walk up the wheelchair accessible ramp, you can take a left to continue to the first level, or proceed straight and take a right, walking up to the roof. The garden and roof can always be accessed, even during closure hours.

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