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Bas ten Brinke

The international team of 70F is led by senior architect Bas ten Brinke (Amsterdam, 1972). Ten Brinke studied architecture at the Technical University of Eindhoven and graduated in 1995 with a 9 for his final project. At the age of 23 he started his own architectural firm that four years later became 70F.

Ten Brinkes ambition is reflected in his designs. He is constantly looking for strong construction and design solutions with which he can accomplish the wishes of his client within the (sometimes limited) budget. His style is progressive, minimalist and straightforward.


70F interior design realizes your wishes indoors. Functionality and efficiency are the key words. Our architects achieve orderly, clean solutions yet homey and comfortable.

The commissions of 70F interior design range from advising on a color scheme to designing a complete interior design plan. The office is distinguished by its tough use of materials and extensive service.

70F has won several awards, including the World Architecture Festival in 2008. Her designs were published in over one hundred media in more than fifty countries.

70F was founded by Bas ten Brinke and Carina Nilsson. In 2013 they decided to further their architecture careers separately. Carina Nilsson is currently working as an architect in Scandinavia. Bas ten Brinke stayed on as CEO at 70F.