architecture internship

Francesca Guerrieri

I joined 70F in February 2014. I started as an intern and after some time I upgraded as an architect.

It wasn’t my first professional experience. I had had experiences both in Rome and in Netherlands. I found this office on internet and I felt in love with the villas made: I liked very much the purity, the simplicity and the architectural power they have.

I felt comfortable right away working here at 70F with Bas, he has got a lot to teach to all of us. I have been learning so much in these years here.

My very first project at 70F was the carport at Villa Hendrikx. I feel a kind of love for that one, “you never forget your first project built” Bas told me once…

After me many others young architects or students joined us bringing their experiences and inputs from different countries of Europe, especially Mediterranean. We are an international company. The big heterogeneity among us actually is the union line of the office. It’s very stimulating seeing how different cultures, professional attitudes and design ideas can merge together.

What I like most working at 70F is the real approach we have with the project. Most of the times what we design will be build, so we follow the project from the concept to the realization. For everything we design we investigate how to build it, because only through the good detailing we can protect our concept.

As an architect, over working in projects here in Netherlands, I’m the link with Italy where we have projects going on and for this I travel sometimes…ehh…someone has to do it…!!

Beyond architecture I love cooking and as soon as we have office parties I enjoy cooking some Italian delicacies for my colleagues and my boss. We are a very gourmand office….