tube panorama almere WINNER ex aequo

building costs:
year of design:
year of delivery:
cASLa foundation
250 m2 bruto
€ 600.000,-
The building consists of a tube that hovers above the existing cASLa building. The tube is accessible from the existing building via a staircase that is the logical continuation of the stairs in the existing building, and an elevator. The tube is closed, except for a panoramic window at the end of it, overlooking the new city centre.
The tube houses the ‘city-model new style': "The ‘city-model of now’ is a virtual one. A building for such a model is characterized by the facilitation of the various (visual) media. Experiencing these media happens vertically (many wall surfaces) and in an area where daylight is not desirable (little glass). Outside views are of minor importance; that view is generated by the media "

On Thursday the 19th of April was the plan, along with the plan 'looking forward, looking back', named winner of the competition. A second round will determine which proposal will be executed.

images by Estudio UCS