centre for architecture and archelogy, the netherlands

building costs:
year of design:
year of delivery:
stichting Casla
550 m2 bruto
€ 1.000.000,-
almere, the netherlands

The building consists out of two almost similar mayor volumes, covered by a sloping deck. The deck starts at the coastline and slopes up over the two building. In the deck are two entrances, sloping down again towards the buildings. Both are built up out of four elements: the cinema, the exposition room, the utility zone and the entrance party/ramp. The floor plans seem to be the same, but the relation between the rooms can be different. In 'archaeology', the cinema faces the land, while the exposition floor lays low, creating the possibility to overlook whatever is exposed. In 'architecture' the cinema faces the water and the exposition floor lies at the same level as the utility zone, creating more exposition space.