16 'Young Planet' 'Starter' houses hoorn

building costs:
year of design:
year of delivery:
burghstone real-estate
1.000.000,- excl. vat
astronautenweg, hoorn

In 2005 we where commissioned to create an efficient solution for first time house owners at an existing location in the city of Hoorn. It was a competition between 27 developer/architect combinations, which we won with this 4-storey building consisting of 16 apartments, with the entrance, storage and parking for 6 cars under the first apartment floor.

The apartments are 50 sq. mm, but have a very spacey floor plan. The apartments, 4 per floor plan, are identical. The entrances lay around a central public core, which ends on the ground floor at the main entrance, close to the storage and parking facilities. In the core you will find staircases and the possibility to place an elevator. After entering you will find the bathroom on the right side and the bedroom on the left. The living room lies straight ahead. From the living room and from the bedroom the spacious balcony can be reached. An open plan kitchen with an attached washing room defines the back of the living room.

The result is a very efficient living concept, cached in a refreshing and clear block that adapts itself to its environment, without losing itself in it, or being intrusive or overwhelming.