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Andres Gonzales Molino

architect internship hollandI am an Architect who graduated from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and I also have a Master’s in Architectural Building Restoration from the same university. I was an intern for 70F in 2014.

When you are studying your degree you think ‘I really want to do projects, housing, building…’ but then, once you start your internship, you begin to learn more from working professionals and you see that architecture is much more than just building houses. During the internship you start to take on more responsibilities and come across more challenging real life tasks, in comparison to when you are at university and you are in a secure, sheltered environment. That is why I found the chance to enrol in an internship very interesting an enriching.

To be a 70F intern is an amazing experience, you feel like you’re part of a family. One of the most valuable things is that you have the chance to be in charge of your own project and you can correct your progress with Bas. I found his help extremely useful because he has a strong knowledge of design and construction process, this factor helped me to learn and develop my own skills.

Most of my work took place in the office although sometimes I visited clients and sites. The office is active and interesting, with a challenging mix of colleagues.

On finishing my internship at 70F I’m certain that it has been a great opportunity for my future career because it gave me the chance to know how an architecture office works and how to deal with clients and other colleagues.