architecture internship in The Netherlands

Andrea Spyrou

My name is Andrea Spyrou and I have graduated last June from the Univesity of Cyprus with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. I chose to make my stage in 70F architecture as I was impressed from their work and their projects.

Working abroad especially for first time sounds cool but I had a lot of worries about it. Will I like the office, the projects, my boss, and the other employers? Without exaggeration, all my worries disappeared the first time I went to the office. 70F for me is 3 words; SCHOOL, FAMILY, FRIENDS. And I will explain you exactly what I mean with each word.

The word “school” may sounds very unprofessional for an office but the real meaning of this word comes from the fact that during all my stage mobility I have learned variety of important things to all the fields of architecture and I have improve spherical my skills as a junior architect. Our boss, Bas ten Brinke, has the talent to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each intern. So I worked to projects that I was good enough of and I felt confident but the most important for me was the period I was working to projects I wasn’t good enough and Bas cared to teach me as a real professor and make me be improved.  Moreover he was the person who will never make you feel scared to express your opinion and your thoughts about everything as he was saying as many times “I want you to say me that I’m wrong” or “you are here and I’m giving you the opportunity to build. So show me whant you want to built.”

The word “family” is exactly what I was feeling many times during my internship working there. The atmosphere was so friendly and familiar which made me feel comfortable and unstressed. I never felt anxious about something and these helped me work more efficiently and have inspiration about the conceptual projects we did. If we had problems about something outside the office  we didn’t  fell shame to discuss it with our boss as he would found the best solution for it as soon as possible and this is what makes 70F differs from other offices; being more humane.

The word “friends” came from the fact that quite often we were having office’s apperitives, trips, lunch or dinners and coffee or tea breaks. These were the best part of the working experience not because we were making breaks but because these breaks to discuss like friends other things helps the office to be more alive. As a result the employers have better connection between them and also the boss with the employers.

I feel very lucky to work in 70F and I’m sure that what I have learned there will be an important parameter for my future career.